About Us

The Big Picture of SpecVIP

We are not your typical protective consulting agency. 

Yes, we have an extensive and diverse background that you would expect from a truly credible company such as this, but we can do so much more for individuals and organizations. In addition to having a robust amount of knowledge, training and experience in the field of VIP Protection, safety and security; we also have an extreme depth of business credibility.

You see, the owner of SpecVIP has paralleled his last 20+ years of protection experience with a passion for entrepreneurship, business development, marketing, sales, investment and most importantly, people.  

Additionally, the biggest advantage to both you and SpecVIP is not just the owners experience but that all of our instructors and consultants come from an extensive training background in various specialties. And most professional trainers out there will know that one of the most important skills to truly develop students is to know them and understand them. A skill that has such a diverse application to not just training, but to business development and even protective measures (know yourself, know your enemy).

In order to impart knowledge or skills and facilitate development you must know your audience.  

What this means to you if you are researching SpecVIP to see if you want to do business with us, is that we know our industry, we know business and we know customers.

You can trust that by signing up SpecVIP, we will work diligently to provide you with the most appropriate program for your business and your customers.

As well, since we are professionals with vision and creativity, we will seek to provide you with other avenues of business growth that may appear during our relationship.

About the SpecVIP Idea

SpecVIP Protection Group Inc. was started out of an identified need for increased custom protection skills for anyone, regardless of their wealth, fame or status. The founder and owner has spent the last 20 years providing diverse protective capabilities in a variety of capacities as a Law Enforcement Officer, Soldier and Private Security Professional. Most recently he has worked the last 5 years travelling the world providing high level dignitary protection services. In his quest to help reduce global threats he has systematically broken down many of his skills and those of his specialized colleagues, to create “a-la-cart” and “customize-able” protective solutions that can help benefit a variety of individuals and organizations. Not everyone needs to know everything an international dignitary protection specialist needs to know, nor can they dedicate the time and costs associated with that sort of development.

So, SpecVIP was born out of taking Specialized VIP Protection skills and applying them to various different markets, industries and applications. For example, a full length Close Protection course that just teaches the fundamentals can range anywhere from a few weeks to several months. However, if you work as a Security Professional or Police Officer you may not require that degree of training if you only support VIP Protection operations in small, localized venues or at special events. So to meet the needs of that industry niche, we created the VIP Close Protection Site Liaison Specialist Course, which is an intense 2 day training session which focuses on only what those students need to know.

Additionally, when Dignitary Protection Specialists travel the world they very rarely utilize what we call “hard skills” (Firearms, fighting skills and advanced driving, etc.). In fact most of the protective efforts on these operations come in the form of extensive research, planning and preparation; as well as the application of fundamental protective best practices and avoidance techniques. These are skills that can easily be acquired by anyone and are critical to Travel Agents, Executive Assistants, Tour Operators and yes, International Dignitary Protection Specialists. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of these professionals and so many others that could benefit from this capability, we created the VIP Travel Protection Specialist Course, which runs for 2 days and gives attendees the foundation to create a high level travel protection plan and if necessary provide trip protective advice while accompanying their VIP. As well, note that in this context or any context, VIP is defined by the individual and not the status. The VIP Travel Protection Specialist Course concepts can easily be applied to anyone, travelling almost anywhere.

With all that said, SpecVIP Protection Group Inc. is about providing the most appropriate and applicable protective solution to whomever the intended audience is. We take our vast amount of knowledge, training and experience; which previously was only afforded to the powerful, wealthy or elite and provide customized solutions to the individual, situation or organizations needs. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to learn more about SpecVIP or how we can help solve your unique protection needs. Additionally we have some protective business marketing solutions that you may want to hear more about.

About SpecVIP Staff

For the moment you will not see much about SpecVIP consultants and trainers, due to the fact that most of them are still currently operational in a variety of different fields. All of them come from diverse and extensive backgrounds in Law Enforcement, The Military or both. They are all extremely seasoned instructors in their respective fields and depending on the individual, specialize in the following areas:

  • Dignitary Protection/Executive Protection
  • Use of Force/Defensive Tactics
  • Personal Protection
  • Firearms
  • Advanced Driving
  • Surveillance and Counter Surveillance
  • Emergency Management
  • First Aid/Combat First Aid
  • CBRN Defence

In addition to their diverse specialty instructional experience, many of these great people are senior leaders in supervisory and management positions, within their respective organizations. They all bring a high level of professionalism along with so much more to offer you.