Airports Aren’t As Safe As You Think

Despite all the newest security measures and increased Police presence, Commercial airports still aren’t as safe for our VIPs as we would like them to be. However through proper training and working with key personnel you can reduce the threat and mitigate the impact.

Below are some significant real world examples that help illustrate my point. Simply by knowing about these potential threats, you can begin right now to take steps to protect your VIP’s and mitigate the impact.


Los Angeles (LAX) Airport Shooting


Dallas Airport Shooting


Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting

Raw Footage of The Brussels Airport and Metro Attack

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Istanbul Airport Terrorist Attack


Airport Machete Attack


Glasgow Airport Terrorist Attack

Attack on Michigan Airport Police Officer

Attack on Police Officer at Atlanta Airport



Attack on Soldier in France’s Orly Airport

March 18, 2017


We intentionally do not cover protective measures or mitigation steps in our threat awareness posts, as we like to keep them short and focus on the existence of the threat instead. However, we would love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

Use the comments below to tell us your protective measures or anything else you would like to say on the subject.

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Threat Awareness is a regular blog post by SpecVIP Protection Group Inc. Awareness of threats is the first step towards protecting yourself and your VIP (How you define VIP is up to you) from the risk posed by these threats. Some of these posts might be obvious or obscure, they also maybe common or rare. Either way you must be aware of them before you can begin to protect against them.

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