Close Protection Site Liaison Course

A unique course designed to enhance the VIP Protection capabilities of Law Enforcement, Private Security & Military members.

Enhanced VIP Protection for Real World Professionals

This course is a must for Protection Professionals who want to enhance their VIP Protection capabilities & maximize their career growth potential.

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Build a strong foundation of applied knowledge and excellence.

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Part 2
In-Person Training

Learn from experienced Close Protection agents and trainers.

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Our Instructors


Our instructors are protection professionals with distinguished and diverse careers in a variety of specialties.  


Our instructors not only have extensive operational experience, but also have decades of experience training professional protectors. 


Our instructors love helping others enhance their capabilities. They take great pride in seeing you succeed. 

Our instructors are very passionate about helping others grow. They come from a wide range of backgrounds including Law Enforcement, the Military and Private Security. They all have very experienced operational careers and excelled as trainers in their respective disciplines.

In some cases they have spent decades training protectors, leaders and developing other trainers.

You might say we are obsessed with helping others succeed in protective capabilities and career growth potential. 

But we are all still students ourselves. We learn every day either on our own initiative, from our students or from life in general. 

Want to Enhance VIP Protection Operations at your Venue or Event?

This course will help you better protect VIPs at your site or special event.

Employers are reporting seeing many direct & indirect benefits from attending this program.

Want to get into the Close Protection industry or refresh existing capabilities?

Individuals attending this course have used it to gain employment opportunities in Close Protection or as a refresher for experienced operators.

Close Protection Site Liaison Online Foundations Level Course


This module will introduce participants to the course and provide some fundamental concepts to lay the ground work for excellence. 

This module includes the following lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Course Introduction
  • Lesson 2: Intro to Close Protection Site Liaison

This course is about global fundamentals and commonalities designed towards specific objectives. In this module we take a big to small picture approach to the operational landscape. We then go a little further into narrowing in on standards and best practices of VIP Close Protection.  

This module includes the following lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Intro to VIP Operations
  • Lesson 2: VIP Close Protection Operations
  • Lesson 3: Close Protection Roles & Responsibilities
  • Lesson 4: VIP Protective Site Advances

In this module we are going to the frontline to focus in on professional fundamentals directly related to Close Protection in support of both the course objectives and real world needs. 

This module includes the following lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Working Close to VIPs
  • Lesson 2: Intro to Close Protection Formations, Movements & Special Circumstances
  • Lesson 3: VIP Protective Arrivals & Departures

This module is designed to help mentally prepare participants for violence. It is a major foundation element for our In-Person course and a must for those needing to manage violent encounters in a real world VIP protection role. 

This module includes the following lessons:

  • Lesson 1: Intro to Physical Intervention Techniques

This module will help sum up the course and also include the assessment element for the online part. We also include some valuable information to futher help your growth potential. 

This module includes the following:

  • Course Summary
  • Final Assessment
  • Certificate for succesful participants
  • Additional content for the next steps of your career
  • Opportunity for feedback and further development 
Upon succesful completion of this course, industry protection professionals can register for our next In-Person course in order to obtain their Specialist level certificate

Investment - Excellence - Growth

Knowledge, skills, excellence and specialized capabilities are not by accident. You can spend decades trying to figure things out on your own and make countless mistakes.

Or you can make a small investment and learn from our culmination of:
mistakes & successes,
knowledge & training,
skills & observations.

This course is a product of years of specialized VIP Protection and Close Protection experience. It is applied in a manner that is designed for you to enhance your VIP Protection capability with a minimal investment.


Close Protection Site Liaison Online Foundations Course



Frequently Asked Questions

This course is designed to enhance the VIP Protection Capabilities of Law Enforcement, Private Security and Military members. It is meant to build off an existing protective baseline in a specialized manner or create a foundation of success for those new to protection. 

Professional protectors looking to increase their capabilities, add to their portfolio and get a more focused specialty in VIP Protection should take this course. Building specific training in this manner can have serious career growth potential. We have also had many individuals use this course to help launch their Close Protection careers.

Employers looking to increase specific capabilities and raise the professional strength of their protection team should enroll as many members as possible. 

This course is also being used by many existing operational Close Protection agents to enhance their knowledge, get a different perspective and refresh their capability. 

Although this course is focused towards professional protectors it also creates an excellent opportunity for non-protectors with an interest or nexus to VIP Operations to get an advanced awareness surrounding Close Protection. This can have tremendous benefits to your capability and career potential. 

Yes, absolutely!

We recognize the value certificates provide in career success and documenting your growth journey. Once you are successful in part 1 you will get an Online Foundations Certificate. 

When you attend and are successful on the In-Person component (Part 2) you will receive our Specialist Level Certificate

That’s fantastic, but it’s generally not enough to meet the specific needs of VIP Protection. 

Most professional protectors employed in Law Enforcement, Private Security and the Military have an excellent baseline of general protection capabilities. Unfortunately when it comes to VIP Protection, that’s usually not enough to be successful. 

Close Protection requires much more specific knowledge and skills to manage the various different threats, nuances and organizational impact associated with VIP Operations. 

This course is designed to provide you with the fundamentals of Close Protection focused toward meeting specific objectives. In short we give you focused content towards being a specialist. Specializing sets you apart from those with general capabilities and will help lead to success in VIP Protection. 

This course will help you and other members of your team increase your success potential at multiple levels. It will have significant benefits for your employer, VIP clients and other stakeholders. 

Short Answer: No 

There are no guarantees in life and no program can promise you employment or career success. This course was designed by Close Protection agents who have worked in the field all over the world. These professionals are also seasoned trainers in a variety of disciplines. 

Every aspect of this course is designed to provide you with the most applicable content with the least amount of investment. All with the objective of helping you succeed. What you do with that is up to you. 

The main benefit of online courses is the ability for you to learn at your own pace, on your own schedule. You are therefore able to take as much or as little time as you like or need during Part 1. We recommend you try not to absorb everything in one sitting. Some have reported taking as little as 5 hours to complete the course, while others up to 10 or 12. 

The standard Part 2 program is 2 full training days in order to achieve a specialist designation. For custom courses we can conduct a 1 day workshop or longer days for more advanced content and further skills development. 

Part 1 Online

There are no pre-requisites or restrictions for part 1 – the Online component. 

  • Other than having an open mind and a willingness to learn. 

Part 2 In-Person

The In-Person component of this program is restricted to Private Security, Law Enforcement and Military members, with verified credentials.

  • Part 1 – The online Foundations course is a required pre-requisite for Part 2. 

Yes of Course!

You will get the greatest benefits from the program by attending both parts. However, we recognize that not everyone has the time or funds to attend our In-Person component. Don’t worry, you will still gain a ton of useful knowledge in the online course that you can start using to enhance your capabilities and help grow your career. 

When you are able to attend our In-Person course we will be very happy to have you. We look forward to meeting you in person and welcoming you into our network. 

Close Protection Site Liaison Specialist Level Course


In this module we will briefly review some of the content from the online program while laying the foundation for excellence in the rest of the program and in your career. 

  • After this module almost all of the course will be practical in nature
  • We take a crawl, walk, run approach to progressive skill development.

Our instructors are passionate, experienced and professional. We take great pride in developing others and helping them succeed. In this module and all subsequent ones, you will get formal and informal instruction from current operational Close Protection Professionals.

This module is about applying the knowledge learned in the online component and putting it into practice, in preparation for real world deployments.

We will work on the refined practical skills of:

  • Formations & Movement
  • Special Circumstances and Operational Tactics
  • Arrivals & Departures
  • Site Advances

This module is all about preparing individual protectors and teams for specific violent encounters directly related to VIP Operations. 

Individuals with existing high level hard skills and those new to managing violence will all learn focused techniques for a variety of direct and indirect physical threats against VIPs. 

In this module we are going to start putting it all together with a focus on addressing individual and team success in a variety of common situations.

We will also use a variety of learning methods to help ensure individuals have the tools they need to manage unplanned situations and develop further capabilities. 

In this module we will conduct a final confirmation exercise and assessment. 

  • Succesful participants will receive our VIP Close Protection Site Liaison Specialist Certificate

In-Person Course In Action

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