Don’t tell me how good you are, show me

Over the years I’ve had many people come tell me how great they are. This is not just exclusive to Executive and Close protection, as I’ve seen it throughout my protection career, but it seems a lot more common in EP & CP.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how many courses you’ve taken or how much you’ve learned on a topic. If you can’t do the job … then you can’t do the job. So when it comes to anything, but especially Executive & Close Protection you need to let your actions speak for you. Don’t tell people how great you are, show them and let your quality work be your best resume.

Remember though, there are no short cuts as you have to put the work in and do it right. In my experience, the ones with the biggest mouths are the people looking for the easiest way to success. Because in the end, telling people how great you are is much easier than actually being great. But you do not have to be perfect either. Just show up every day with a positive attitude, and the willingness and drive to do the best you can with what you know and are capable of. Everything else will come in time as you and your actions will be your resume, not some empty words that mean nothing.

So, don’t tell people how great you are, show them!

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