Excel at Winter Close Protection Operations with this quick training

Many professional bodyguards employed in Executive Protection or Close Protection, are faced with many challenges. One of the more common, yet often overlooked areas is operating in a Winter environment. Since most of my experience has been in winter climates I thought I would develop some training that would help other professionals thrive in winter conditions and also identify some areas they can use to enhance their success potential.

In this concise training, I focus on identifying some of the nuances of winter close protection operations. As I do with many of my programs I unpack specific elements and work to develop the participant in a way that goes beyond the fundamentals of traditional executive protection or close protection courses. The result is a useful program that will hopefully provide new concepts, help inspire the attendee to embrace their existing knowledge and apply what they know in a way they may not have considered.

This training program is not just about teaching close protection professionals who have never worked under winter conditions. While those uninitiated to winter climates will absolutely benefit from this program, this training will also help those with winter experience further enhance their ability and showcase skills they already have but may not have fully embraced.

If you are a bodyguard that frequently works in colder climates then this training program will take the fundamentals you’ve learned before and develop them so you can have greater success potential in your current environment. If you are a Close Protection Operator or an Executive Protection Agent that has never worked in winter conditions, then you absolutely must take this training. If you’ve never been a professional protector but want to learn more about how to protect yourself or those you care about in winter conditions, then this course will help you as well. Regardless of where you are in your protection career or someone who wants to know more about protection in specific situations then you should take this training.

Note, this training program is part of a monthly training program for professionals in Executive Protection and Close Protection. In an effort to help a wider group of people and enhance the overall capabilities of the industry I am making this exclusive training available in its own standalone package. If you want more great training like this, I highly recommend you check out what we’re doing with the Close Protection Development Group. It’s free for professional members of the VIP Local Asset Network.

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