How To Build High-Performance Close Protection Teams – Exercise

I recently presented at the IPSB Close Protection Conference on building High-Performance CP Teams. At the end of the presentation, I challenged the attendees with a memory retrieval exercise to help them better retain and transfer the concepts. Many people asked me for additional copies to share with their teams or for others who couldn’t attend. Unfortunately, I had given all the handouts away by then.

Here is a pdf of the handout. It has a list of some of my online courses on one side and the exercise on the other. I hope it helps and inspires you to seek other ways to use effortful retrieval in your development process. When training or development is a struggle for our brain and a little bit ugly in the process, the outcomes are much greater over time. This simple exercise will help your ability to remember and apply the lessons. Isn’t that the reason we train?

Thank you to everyone who attended my presentation at the conference and those who continue to support me on my journey of helping others succeed in this industry. If you’re not familiar with the conference, you can learn more about the International Protective Security Board here.

If you missed the presentation or want a deeper dive into the content, you can take the extended online mini-course at this link. You will also get a certificate if you successfully pass the final test, which the handout will help with. In this self-paced online course, I go beyond the overview I provided at the conference.

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