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I am happy to announce that SpecVIP Protection Group Inc. has taken a great step towards improving how we help people and subsequent capabilities of those in Protection careers. We have just released our first of many online courses in an effort to help a wider audience and do our part to further advance the industry.

At the beginning of the lockdown several months ago, we embarked on a journey to help more professionals through the success we’ve had with our most popular In-Person course. This course has helped many people and since we couldn’t train in person we sought a solution to help others grow in these interesting new times. Although it took a little longer than we planned, we are very happy to report that our VIP Close Protection Site Liaison course now has a new structure.

For our debut into online training, we’ve taken our very popular VIP Close Protection Site Liaison course and divided it into two parts. 

Online Foundations Level

Part 1 (Online Foundations Level) is the backbone of the program. It provides all the knowledge one would need to enhance their capability and allow for more effective localized VIP Close Protection

  • This part used to be only available to those in Security, Law Enforcement or the Military who could attend one of our In-Person courses
  • Now anyone with a computer or mobile phone with an internet connection can get access to this highly focused and specialized knowledge
  • You can also learn at your own pace, on your own schedule and review everything for better retention. 
  • You can even ask questions and get answers!
  • You also get a certificate for successfully completing the online part. 
  • We are so excited about this online program. It’s going to help so many people, organizations and the CP industry.  

Part 2 (In-Person Specialist level)

In part 2 you get the opportunity to train with very experienced instructors, whose sole goal is preparing you for real-world VIP Protection Operations at your venue, site or special event. This component takes what you learned in the online foundations part, expands on it with practical skills, refines your capability through application and gets you ready to put everything into practice in the real world. 

For us, this new format will allow us to spend a little more time on the practical and refine everyone’s skillset a bit more as part 1 will be a prerequisite to attend the in-person part. This I see as a very positive outcome for everyone. We have also expanded the theory part with a lot more content than before and included things that we just didn’t have time for previously – which is now part of the online course.

I hope you enjoy this new format and updated course. We are receiving so many positive reviews from so many people. It’s very humbling, rewarding and helps keep us motivated by knowing how well received this course is. Having everyone from aspiring Executive Protection practitioners, Event Security Directors and seasoned Close Protection Professionals speaking so highly about this program is very exciting. Many of these Executive & Close Protection professionals have found this course to be a great way to refresh their capabilities or gain greater effectiveness from a different perspective.

If you think this sounds great for you (which I think it is, but I’m a little biased) then I have a great offer for you. Up until the end of July 2020, we are running a special where the course will only cost $99 (USD). That’s $50 off the regular price of $149 (USD).

Once you register you will have full access to the course for a year. This means you can take advantage of this limited-time announcement offer and take the course within a year at a time that best fits your situation.

Head to the new CPSL course page, for more info. Click enroll now to register and get started enhancing your VIP Close Protection capabilities.

I assure you an offer like this will not come around again for a long time, if ever!

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