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Our Instructors


Our instructors are protection proffesionals with distinguished and diverse careers in a variety of specialities.  


Our instructors not only have extensive operational experience, but also have decades of experience training professional protectors. 


Our instructors love helping others enhance their capabilities. They take great pride in seeing you succeed. 

Our instructors are very passioante about helping others grow. They come from a wide range of backgrounds including Law Enforcement, the Military and Private Security. They all have very experienced operational careers and excelled as trainers in their respective disciplines.


In some cases they have spent decades training new protectors, leaders and developing other trainers.

You might say we are obssessed with helping others succeed in protective capabilities and career growth potential. 


But we are all still students ourselves. We learn every day either on our own intitiative, from our students or from life in general. 

Our Programs


Our programs are specialized by topic but applicable to a variety of different individuals, occupations and industries.

They are designed to maximize effectiveness and minimize investment.


There are a lot of courses and training programs out there. We take great pride in applied learning, taken from knowledge, training and most importantly experience. 

Our format serves to ensure you get the most current and applicable content from our programs, without any filler. 



Taking an objective based approach to learning is critical. Our overall goal is that the knowledge and skills we share will have a positive impact on you.



Our training programs are designed with one thing in mind:

  • Provide you and your organization with the most applicable content for success. 

How one defines succesfull is also important. Therefore we look at the following priority criteria for our courses:

  • Operational Capability
  • Organizational Success
  • Career Growth Potential

By focusing on these priorities, we take the most applicable content and deliver it in the most effective manner.  

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Due to the current COVID-19 Pandemic, our courses involving close contact are currently postponed.

We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to resume the affected courses as soon as possible.