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At SpecVIP Protection Group we are very passionate about finding unique ways to help better protect people. However, we also understand the challenges many businesses and organizations face when looking for ways to improve their profitability, while minimizing risk. We specifically designed our VIP Close Protection Site Liaison Specialist course for all of those reasons and know your security team or protection personal could benefit from it.

Here is an Excerpt from our VIP Close Protection Site Liaison Specialist Course. This course is designed to improve the VIP Protection Plan for permanent and temporary VIPs at designated locations, but has multiple benefits to all protective aspects of a security operation.

Excerpt from VIP Close Protection Site Liaison Specialist Course:

The video shows Danny DeVito and Rhea Pearlman arriving at and walking through an airport to their vehicle. As they move through the airport they are harassed by “overzealous” autograph seekers. It gets so bad that at one point the flight attendant escorting them makes a reference to them needing a bodyguard. At the end of the video there is a minor incident caused by the aggressive nature of the fans.

Now you may not operate at an airport or have movie starts coming and going consistently. However if you have any type of VIPs on your property in any capacity, you can likely imagine a similar situation playing out wherever you work. It may appear minor in nature, but this scenario could happen anywhere VIPs are present and affords the security team an opportunity to show their value to the organization and the clients they serve.


During our course we use this real world example to highlight a variety of different learning components.

Here are some of them:

#1 Not all threats in VIP Protection operations are of a high risk nature

Not everything we are protecting against is assassination, kidnapping or pies to the face. Minor threats come in any many forms and still have a significant impact to the VIP and the venue.

#2 Not all VIPs have travelling protection officers that accompany them

Just because most VIPs  don’t have bodyguards, doesn’t mean they do not have threats associated with their level of fame, status, wealth or for another reason. This void in their individual protection plan can create a huge opportunity for local security to show they are an asset and not an expense; creating an avenue for increased corporate profit margins.

Imagine if a well-trained VIP Close Protection Site Liaison Specialist:

  • Witnessed the crowd forming and approached Mr. DeVito and Ms. Pearlman and offered to escort them via a private hallway, the problem would have been avoided; or
  • Witnessed this incident as it was unfolding. Casually approached the VIPs and asked if they would like some assistance. Then if granted permission, quickly assembled a team of 3 other trained officers, created a protective formation and escorted them safely to their vehicle; successfully mitigating the threat.

#3 Finally the focus on the fact that in all of the above mentioned options; problem solving, local knowledge and training led to multiple solutions that didn’t require “hard skills” like the employment of force.

Although it’s necessary for a professional protection officer to have those hard skills, most situations involving VIP Protection concerns can be resolved using soft skills of planning, avoidance, problem solving, threat mitigation, communication and others.

#4 In either of the resolutions offered it was zero extra cost to the organization;

The options we offered above and include in the development of course participants proved the value of trained professional security officers and could have serious long term benefits. Imagine if that took place at your venue and the security solved the problem with one of those options listed.

Do you think those VIPs would return to your establishment?

Would an increase in VIP presence have a positive impact on the business?

What about what actually happened?

  • If what happened in the actual situation took place, do you think these VIPs would be more or less inclined to return?
    • Yes, I know this took place at an Airport and there are very few options for air travel, but this scenario can and does play out everyday all over the world. Additionally, people do have many options for travel these days, especially VIPs.
    • With that said, airports are also one of the most concentrated locations of VIPs for any region. Regardless of whether they are not hurting for business, they have an obligation to all their passengers and employees to take important safety and security measures. So if anyone should have a full scale VIP Protection plan (through our training or others) it’s an Airport.
  • Is your business doing everything possible to seriously help visiting VIPs?
  • Are you aware of the potential benefits that come from VIPs at your establishment but that they have drawback as well?
  • Do you know how to mitigate the negative aspects of VIPs on site and maximize their potential?

Do you think you can benefit from having a well trained security team that can support a VIP Visit and your business objectives?

This situation was minor in nature but had some serious potential threats to the VIPs and still resulted in a less than desired outcome. It could have been handled much differently and had a better outcome for Mr. DeVito with minimal effort on the part of airport staff. In today’s competitive market, businesses find themselves seeking every opportunity to acquire and maintain customers. Although rarely considered, the security program can be a part of that success but only through proper training. SpecVIP Protection Group Inc. puts that focus in all of its courses and due to the nature of the course, is a particular emphasis in the VIP Close Protection Site Liaison Specialist Course.


Click this link for more info on our  VIP Close Protection Site Liaison Specialist CourseThis course is specifically designed by us to be a minimal investment for you, that provides direct & indirect benefits to VIPs, Security teams and organizations.

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