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Dates Confirmed – VIP Close Protection Site Liaison Specialist Course

We are confirmed for our March 23-24, 2019 VIP Close Protection Site Liaison Specialist Course┬átaking place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. This course is specifically designed for and restricted to Security Professionals, Law Enforcement personnel and Military members who wish to enhance their careers by providing greater protective capabilities to VIPs. The content is based on […]

SPOILER ALERT – Sneak Peek at our VIP Close Protection Site Liaison Specialist Course

At SpecVIP Protection Group we are very passionate about finding unique ways to help better protect people. However, we also understand the challenges many businesses and organizations face when looking for ways to improve their profitability, while minimizing risk. We specifically designed our VIP Close Protection Site Liaison Specialist course for all of those reasons […]

How to Get Started in a Career in VIP Close Protection

There are a lot of people who are very interested in getting into the professional field of Close Protection, Executive Protection or who want to be a Bodyguard. When they go down this path they soon realize that it is not super easy to get started or even find out where to start. In fact, […]

The Threat of Natural Disasters

Today marks the start of Emergency Preparedness Week where I live. With that in mind I thought I would post about some major threats to our personal safety in the form of Natural Disasters. Natural environmental acts occur on a fairly frequent basis and affect the personal safety of VIPs both at home and abroad, […]

The Threat of Human Induced Violence

We live in a world with some amazing people, doing some amazing things. There is so much good out there it’s often hard to believe how terrible humanity can be. This is especially concerning for those of us in the VIP Protection industry and something that we are constantly thinking of. However, if you are […]

Threats to VIPs come in Combination

This weeks threat awareness brief was inspired by someone that witnessed a terrible accident on the road recently. I think we all know the hazards our VIPs face whenever they find themselves in traffic. We also know that adverse weather in many forms can have a serious impact to our safety. The unfortunate aspects of […]

Successful Launch of VIP Close Protection Site Liaison Specialist Course

  I am happy to announce that this past weekend we successfully completed the launch of our first ever full length VIP Close Protection Site Liaison Specialist Course available to the public. Although we had previously tested it on some select audiences, this weekend was our first iteration of a full length public course available […]

Airports Aren’t As Safe As You Think

Despite all the newest security measures and increased Police presence, Commercial airports still aren’t as safe for our VIPs as we would like them to be. However through proper training and working with key personnel you can reduce the threat and mitigate the impact. Below are some significant real world examples that help illustrate my […]