The Threat of Natural Disasters

Today marks the start of Emergency Preparedness Week where I live. With that in mind I thought I would post about some major threats to our personal safety in the form of Natural Disasters.

Natural environmental acts occur on a fairly frequent basis and affect the personal safety of VIPs both at home and abroad, regardless of where you live. If you are at all responsible for the safety of someone else, you must be aware of the potential for these to occur. It’s always best to know what disasters you may face where you live and work; but as well the places you travel to. A little research can go a long way and if there is potential for a major disaster, it might be best to avoid those areas. If you can’t avoid them then a little further research and some active preparation measures can help mitigate the impact of these threats, should they present themselves.

Do you know the potential natural disasters where you live?

What about where you may be travelling to?

Awareness is the first step, but do you know how to protect yourself and those accompanying you? 

How can you mitigate the impact if you find yourself in an emergency environmental situation? 

In major incidents requiring emergency management, the authorities will likely be stretched thin on resources and therefore you must take care of yourself. 

Do you have a plan?

Are you prepared? 

We have had some serious reminders of the variety and severity of natural disasters quite recently in the news. Here are some of them in case you missed them.

Threat Awareness is a regular blog post by SpecVIP Protection Group Inc. Awareness of threats is the first step towards protecting yourself and your VIP (How you define VIP is up to you) from the risk posed by these threats. Some of these posts might be obvious or obscure, they also maybe common or rare. Either way you must be aware of them before you can begin to protect against them.

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