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VIP Close Protection Site Liaison Specialist

This is a new and unique course created exclusively by SpecVIP Protection Group Inc. This course is intended for Security Professionals, Law Enforcement and Military Personnel that want to enhance their ability to provide VIP Protection for localized sites or special events. It is an effective solution to individuals or organizations that have time and budgetary constraints for training, but want a truly safe and secure experience for their stakeholders.

This course is designed to enhance the VIP protective capabilities of specialized people who are tasked with supporting close protection teams or who have an on site VIP Protection need.

For more detailed information go to the VIP Close Protection Site Liaison Specialist Course Page.

UBodyguard Personal Protection Workshop

Do you value your own life or that of a loved one? Of course you do and you must be interested in learning better ways of protecting the people that you identify as Very Important (VIP) or you wouldn’t be looking around on our site. Well if you’re looking for a solution to improved personal protection you’ve come to the right place.

Our UBodyguard Personal Protection Workshop is a one day training program designed and taught by high level international Dignitary Protection Specialists but adapted for everyone’s needs. This self defence program puts you and your loved ones as the VIP and will empower you in personal protection concepts used by bodyguards that protect some of the most at risk, influential people around the world.

If you want to read more about this powerful session that may one day save your life then go to our UBodyguard Personal Protection Workshop page for more information.

VIP Travel Protection Specialist

We live in an evolving and challenging world. The global threats and risks are much greater than they have ever been. At SpecVIP, we’ve traveled all over the world and protected some very powerful and influential people; in some less than ideal locations (and some great places). During these trips we avoided some very minor concerns and additionally some extremely dangerous ones. In many ways our knowledge, training and experience is what lead to the safety of the VIPs. In other ways, we may have just been lucky. Regardless, we avoided some pretty serious threats, but had they surfaced, we would have been in good shape as we always have a protection plan, a back up plan and ways to mitigate the impact of minor to extreme threats.

After travelling the world, providing close protection for high ranking dignitaries, we recognized that the greatest skill used to protect our VIPs was in the form of detailed planning, logistics and focused administration; all geared towards threat avoidance and risk mitigation. After dissecting the most critical components and elements, we created the VIP Travel Protection Specialist Course. 

This course is specifically designed for anyone who wants to provide a safer and more secure travel experience for whomever they identify as VIP. It is ideal for Executive/Personal Assistants, Travel Agents, Tour Guides, School Trip Planners and International Dignitary/Close Protection Officers. It is also an excellent way for individuals and families to have a safer travel experience when on vacation.

If you plan professional or personal trips for anyone and/or accompany them during their travels, then you need this course.

Worth noting:

  • Taking this course may also help increase your personal protection at home in your own, regional comfort zone.
  • If you’re cost adverse then you will also pickup some great tips on travel savings that can have a serious impact on your financial well being

Future & Custom Courses

We are currently developing several other courses to suit the needs of specific industries, clients and threats. Please contact us if you have a project that requires assistance, are in need of a specific training solution or have recommendations for future courses.

Check back frequently for new solutions for your VIP Protective needs. 

If you would like to be added to our list for future courses or book us to come run a course exclusively for your team then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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