UBodyguard Personal Protection Workshop



Celebrities, high level public officials and other wealthy or influential VIPs frequently employ the services of professional VIP protection officers, often referred to as Bodyguards. For many years these highly trained and discreet individuals have hidden their specialty skills from most people. Now, you have the opportunity to learn some of the most sought after fundamentals in personal protection from skilled professionals in VIP Protection. Our instructors have excelled as both high level Protection Officers and expert trainers. They have traveled the world protecting International Dignitaries as well other notable people and want to help empower you to better protect yourself.

The Threat

It seems every day our society is getting much worse. The threat of human induced violence appears to be on the rise. In our own communities we feel the impact almost daily. In fact, violence happens so often we have almost become numb to it. This in itself is a threat to our safety, as we can get complacent and comfortable the more we are surrounded with familiar sights. We also face greater threats when we leave our comfort zone, as we are often not aware of the dangers in other regions.

Since professional bodyguards protect some pretty powerful people from some pretty dangerous threats, we felt it only fitting that they transfer some of their fundamental skills to anyone with a willingness to learn. Personal Protection is never a guarantee, but by training with professionals you gain an advantage. That advantage can go a long way towards ensuring the safety of you and your loved ones. Your VIPs.


What do you value most? Is it time to be your own VIP bodyguard?


About the Workshop

The UBodyguard Personal Protection Workshop was developed by individuals that have many years of experience travelling the world protecting high level dignitaries. Throughout their missions they have been exposed to a wide range of threats. This workshop is a compilation of fundamentals in personal protection, employed by International Dignitary Protection Specialists and adapted for anyone.


  1. Current Industry Standards applied
  2. Grounded in reality and based on experience
  3. Extremely effective concepts, yet simple and easy to learn.
  4. Professional, respectful and audience applicable instruction
  5. Excellent balance of mental and physical development
  6. May save your life or the life of someone you care about

Who’s your Very Important Person?

Workshop Objective: Empower participants to win in a human induced violent encounter

Duration: 1 Day of Training

Cost: Please contact us for current pricing. Group & organization rates available.

Course Content

  • Bodyguard Mindset
  • Move like a Bodyguard
  • Defend like a Bodyguard
  • Fight like a Bodyguard
  • Escape like a Bodyguard

Certificate: All students will receive a certificate upon completion of the training.


No better team to learn:

Personal protection from those that protect others from the worst.


Should you have any questions or to book a course, please feel free to contact us.

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