VIP Close Protection Site Liaison Specialist Course


As Dignitary Protection Officers, we have traveled the world providing close protection to high ranking Public Officials. We have also worked extensively in the last 20+ years in various other aspects of protection operations; seeing VIP protection from a variety of different perspectives. This course was born out of the entirety of these experiences, along with consultation and inclusion from other industry professionals.

The Problem

VIP Protection Teams often find themselves supported by local Law Enforcement and Security Personnel. The problem is that from one venue to the next, the level of assistance and standards vary greatly. On one end of the spectrum you have outstanding support from well trained personnel. On the other end, you have motivated but untrained personnel that can sometimes compromise VIP Protection efforts. The remainder is everything in between, which ultimately reduces the protection plan of visiting VIPs and potentially creates negative consequences for not just the VIP but all other stakeholders associated.

This problem can be boiled down to a lack of consistency due to the fact there is no standardized training for protection officers that support VIP visits or have a localized VIP Protection need.

The Solution

In addressing the problem around standardizing the VIP Protective Capabilities of Law Enforcement and Security personnel we dissected the aspects of VIP Visits that agencies would be likely to support. We then focused on the most relevant required skills, based on common existing capabilities. The result was a low cost and short duration course, which could allow an organization to enhance their VIP Protection Capability with minimal investment and impact on their operations.

The Benefits

Every participant will directly benefit from attending this course in the following manner:

  1. Increased understanding of the VIP landscape and their specific protective needs
  2. Better capable of providing fundamental aspects of VIP Close Protection in a specialized role
  3. Increase professional abilities sought after by many employers and clients
  4. Awareness of current industry standards taught by actual and current VIP Close Protection Operators (hard to find the real deal in instructors these days)
  5. Opportunity to diversify current tasks and open doors to further career success
  6. Exponential cross over skills into other protective tasks of frontline Security, Law Enforcement and Military Operators

There are numerous benefits to organizations that have participants attending our VIP Close Protection Site Liaison Specialist Course; we have focused on some of the more critical ones:

  • VIPs on site will have a more protective overall experience.
    • In a private organization this could easily lead to an increase in both VIP business and residual business.
    • In a public sector operation, the VIPs often come in the form of high ranking public officials. A more safe environment can greatly enhance the confidence elected officials have in their public servants, potentially leading to numerous elements of positive change or increased support.
  • In VIP operations, optics is everything.
    • The success or failure of a VIP visit can have serious implications depending on the magnitude of an incident. Even a small situation can turn into international news due to the presence of a VIP.
    • Any organization will directly benefit from specific VIP Protective training that is focused on proper conduct, in order to reduce the likelihood of negative situations and optics.
  • There is also a huge indirect benefit from VIP Protection Training. Since VIP Protection operations require such
    a high standard in all aspects of dress, deportment, conduct and skillset, there is often an increase in overall
    professionalism from the participants.

There are numerous other benefits to an organization by having their Security and Law Enforcement personnel trained specifically in VIP Protection Operations. Each stakeholder will have their own perspective of these benefits, but ultimately the end result is an improved VIP Protection Plan and residual associated positive impact.

The VIP Close Protection Site Liaison Specialist Course Content

This course is specifically designed to meet the localized VIP Protection needs of individuals and organizations. It is based around the concept of enhancing existing skills and reducing redundant training by maximizing time and resources.

Instructors: The course will be taught by current professionals in the field of Dignitary, Executive and Close Protection. All of whom have extensive operational VIP Protection experience from around the world, as well as diverse instructor portfolios in other disciplines.

Course Methodology: It is a mix of theory and practical skills, culminating with a final VIP Protection scenario, as well as a written examination. Each student will receive a participant manual to further help their development during and after the training. Participants will also receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course.

Course Restriction: Restricted to participants employed in Security, Law Enforcement and the Military.

Duration: 2 Full Days of Training

Cost: Based on a number of factors. Please contact SpecVIP Protection Group Inc. for pricing.

Objectives: Upon completion participants will be able to:

  1. Effectively support visiting VIPs with Close Protection teams; and
  2. Provide localized Close Protection for VIPs without their own protection capability.

Course Content

  • Intro to Close Protection Operations
  • VIP Protection Operations – Stages and Support
  • Close Protection Site Advances
  • Working with and Protecting VIPs
  • Formations, Movements, Arrivals & Departures
  • Physical Intervention Techniques
  • Attack on Principle Drills & Confirmation Exercise
  • Written Test

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Here are some comments from course participants:

“Knowledgeable and Professional Instructors”

“Everything from the first step was easy, understandable, professional, with lots of knowledge and experience.”

“They did not spoon feed information or answers, but ensured knowledge was grasped and retained”

“Lots of Knowledge”

“Was open to questions & explained why things were done the way they were. Accepted others training.” (Rick, Occupation: Sheriff)

“I liked everything from the trainers approach to the class, to the practical side and scenarios.  The trainers prepared training perfect for our needs” (Drazen, Occupation: Security Manager)


Upon completion of the course, students will have a greater understanding of their role in VIP Protection Operations and a better ability to provide or support localized close protection for VIPs. The return on investment to visiting VIPs, organizations and the individual participants is tremendous; with exponential benefits all around.

Contact Us for any questions you have or to arrange an opportunity to enhance your on site VIP Protection Capabilities.