Training Context

Welcome to our training on Close Protection Winter Operations. This training was originally created for the Close Protection Development Group (CPDG), on the VIP Local Asset Network. The CPDG consists of monthly training sessions involving per-developed content and a guided discussion on topics relevant to Close Protection. This format allows all involved to benefit from both the content and each other’s experiences. It also provides great opportunities for professional exposure and networking around the world.

If you’re interested in joining the CPDG, the training is free to Professional level members of the VIP Local Asset Network. All you need to do is join and log in every month to view the content and participate in the discussion. Since the content is recorded, if you can’t attend in person you’ll still be able to watch the training at your leisure afterwards.

After launching the CPDG, we have received a lot of requests to access the training content outside of the platform. In order to help meet the needs of the industry we have made several of the training segments available outside the platform in an A-La-Carte format. This lesson is one of those and it also includes a sample of the training discussion that took place on this topic (with permission of the participants).

If regular and focused Executive & Close Protection professional development is something you are interested in, I would highly suggest you consider signing up for a Pro account on the VIP Local Asset Network. This way you can get full access to all of the training and for added value, be able to participate in the discussions. Over time you will also save a considerable amount of money by accessing the training through the platform.

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