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Committed to helping VIP Protection Professionals achieve greater success in operations and their careers. 

What We're All About

We create unique products and services to help existing or aspiring professionals in the VIP Protection industry. 

Better Protectors Are Made Over Time

I’ve been working in the protection industry for over two decades. I’ve had many hurdles and achieved many of my own successes. I focus everyday on incrimental excellence and continuously strive for new goals. I apply the lessons I’ve learned along my journey towards helping individuals and organizations get better at protection or achieve their own successes. I want nothing but the best for other protectors as I believe having more professionals in the industry, with a higher level of capability, will have so many benefits for them, the industry and society in general. 

Desire is one thing, but action and results are another. As a protector I hate seeing people hurt or suffer. Over time that passion has evolved beyond safety and security. Which is why I’ve added helping you succeed to our focus. My lessons are your lessons, as are those of my team and our network. I have a proven track record of helping individuals and organizations accomplish their goals, either in protection operations or career success (or both).  Please check out our site and do your own research. Contact us if you have any questions or if you want to have a discussion on how we can help you. 

Justin Hanson, CD
Our Vision

Who We Are

Knowledge - Training - Experience - Network

SpecVIP is a company that likes to think outside the box, but who knows how to work in it. We are focused on using elements of excellence from the Executive & Close Protection Industry and uniquely applying them to imporove the operational and success potential of protection professionals or others. 

We believe that postive results in both protection operations and career growth come from continuous development. Development & Success are based on four pillars’ including knowledge, training, experience and having a strong network. However, none of those mean anything if they are not accurate or focused in the right direction. Addtionally, the VIP protection industry is one of the most interesting and challenging areas of security. We’ve excelled in this area by properly applying those four pillars. Since many elements of protection are very specialized, complex or confusing; we seek to help you navigate your journey in a manner that is more effective, effecient and less costly. 


We are constantly expanding our knowledge base and seek to share our insights with you through our various programs.


Training is the backbone of development and continuous progress. The right training is critical to your journey.


We bring a wealth and depth of experience to all our programs. Expedite your growth plan by learning from our achievements.


Trusted by other proffesionals on their own Journey


5 Star Feedback

“SpecVIP's CP Development Group has been an invaluable experience, that has allowed me to develop new friendships, work opportunities, and continue to learn, collaborate and further grow in the industry.”
Derek Sadler

Sadler Enterprise, Close Protection, Canada

“...The VIP Local Asset Network is an effective tool that allows operators to not only communicate and work together worldwide, but it offers the information and intelligence necessary to lead a successful operation from anywhere an operator exists. I know now that I have team members all across North America to assist with my next deployment.”
Justice Osei

Cornerstone Security, CEO, Vancouver, Canada

“I highly recommend this course. Go online and check it out.”
Kris Zerkowitz

Close Protection/Medic, Belgium

“I had the opportunity to take the Close Protection Site Liaison course in person along with the online course. It really does not matter if you are just starting in the close protection industry or if experienced, everyone will get something out of both courses...

… I can truly say that this is one of the best courses I have come across here in Canada.”

Ricardo Henriquez

Close Protection Officer, Canada


Why Choose Us?

Our instructors and consultants are passionate, experienced & successful. They are focused on helping others enhance their capability and embrace their own success potential.

Experienced Industry Leaders

Our Instructors are selected based on years of operational and instructional excellence. They are passionate, motivated and focused on helping you to be successful.

Learn & Grow at Your Own Pace

With a mix of online and in-person training options, you are able to scale your career at your own pace.

Committment to Results

We focus on getting you positive outcomes with realistic results, through proven methods.