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5 Star Feedback

“SpecVIP's CP Development Group has been an invaluable experience, that has allowed me to develop new friendships, work opportunities, and continue to learn, collaborate and further grow in the industry.”
Derek Sadler

Sadler Enterprise, Close Protection, Canada

“...The VIP Local Asset Network is an effective tool that allows operators to not only communicate and work together worldwide, but it offers the information and intelligence necessary to lead a successful operation from anywhere an operator exists. I know now that I have team members all across North America to assist with my next deployment.”
Justice Osei

Cornerstone Security, CEO, Vancouver, Canada

“I highly recommend this course. Go online and check it out.”
Kris Zerkowitz

Close Protection/Medic, Belgium

“I had the opportunity to take the Close Protection Site Liaison course in person along with the online course. It really does not matter if you are just starting in the close protection industry or if experienced, everyone will get something out of both courses...

… I can truly say that this is one of the best courses I have come across here in Canada.”

Ricardo Henriquez

Close Protection Officer, Canada


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