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How to be Respected in Security to get Better Results

In my opinion, being respected is one of the biggest hurdles security personnel encounter in their careers. I have experienced these challenges many times in my career (over 20 years), but more so when I was newer. In this article, I will address what I feel are some of the biggest elements of this problem, […]

How to leverage the power of knowledge towards your VIP Career Success Goals

There are a lot of people achieving great success in VIP Operations. There are many more seeking to break into this industry. What set’s apart the ones getting results, from the one’s looking for results is often the power that comes from knowledge. Here are a couple of my observations regarding knowledge and information that […]

How to improve your VIP Business Success with this underutilized secret

VIPs and their Staff travel all over the world and are supported by various services in the VIP Operations community. Some examples include: Executive & Close Protection Protective Drivers & Professional Chauffeurs Site Security Personnel High-End Hospitality Travel & Tourism Special Events Management Corporate & Executive Assistants, and Many other VIP Operational sectors Many of […]

How to get results based exposure in VIP Close Protection

One of the biggest challenges for a lot of people in Close Protection (CP) is getting the exposure that leads to results. The results might be more opportunities for contracts or permanent employment. They might be side gigs or promotions. Whatever your desired results are, getting exposure can help immensely. But only if done properly. […]

How to Level Up Your CP Career with Networking

There are a lot of people out there trying to get into the world of Close Protection. This was me for a while too and I almost gave up the dream. Then one day just by fluke I stumbled into the industry and have loved it ever since.  Looking back on my career I can […]

How to get more work in Close Protection

For many people getting work in Close Protection is a huge undertaking. However, it doesn’t have to be that difficult. You just need to approach it with the right mindset and focus your efforts towards achieving your objectives. Once you figure out what works you can refine it and apply it towards getting more work. […]

How’s Your VIP Protection Career Success During The Pandemic?

Career Success Observations of VIP Protection during a Global Lockdown (ish) When the COVID 19 Pandemic and subsequent lockdowns came in effect we went a little off the radar. This was for multiple reasons, but there were three main ones. First, we were caught a little off guard like many people. Second, we are very […]

The Right Way is the Same Way

Here’s another Executive Close Protection Tip for you. This one was recorded freely without a script, so there’s no text to read. But it’s worth the listen if you ever work in a protection team or with other teams. In this video tip, I talk about the value of consistency in teamwork as it applies […]

Only take what you are willing to lose or have compromised!

Whether you are travelling locally, domestically or internationally you can potentially be a victim of physical or cyber loss. This may take the form of theft, damage, compromise or otherwise. In my experience, the simplest solutions are the best ones. Therefore, when you leave the perceived safety and security of your local area where you […]

Don’t be weird!

I recently made a joke, that one day I was going to write a book on career success in Protection and I was going to call it “Don’t be weird”.  Now, this was a little tongue in cheek, but there is some value to the idea and one day I still might.  However, in the […]