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Executive & Close Protection Career Success Title
SpecVIP HQ | SpecVIP Protection Group Inc. Executive & Close Protection Career Success Title

This program is designed to help Executive and Close Protection personnel at any stage of their career refine their ability to achieve success. It is the culmination of decades of advice, neatly summarized and focused on the Executive and Close Protection industry.

Do not take your career success potential for granted. There are many great aspects of the Executive and Close Protection industry. Unfortunately, many people struggle with success. Some people are unable to easily enter the industry. Others are fortunate and find their way in, only to make grave errors and quickly find themselves without work. This course will help you enter this great field and increase your chances of having a long and lucrative career. This small investment can have serious dividends.

If you learn just one concept that initiates your success, gets you that opportunity or keeps you from making a grave mistake, the investment in this course will be absolutely worthwhile.


  1. Program Introduction
  2. Close Protection Career Landscape
  3. Close Protection Career Success Foundation
  4. Pillars of Development & Success
  5. Networking for Success in CP
  6. Online Activity Best Practices
  7. Resume & Cover Letter Considerations
  8. Interview Excellence
  9. Getting & Keeping CP Work
  10. Local CP Asset Advantage
  11. Program Summary & Conclusion

Combine this course with our Close Protection Site Liaison Course and a Pro level account on the VIP Local Asset Network, to maximize your abilities and potential outcomes.