Solo Practitioner Close Protection Operations

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Solo Practitioner Close Protection Operations Title
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This training covers another fundamental concept of Executive Protection, solo practitioner operations. While it might not be a desired operational standard, it is so common it needs to be deliberately prepared for. This training will help you better conduct solo practitioner close protection operations and be a better protective advisor or risk manager.

In this training, we dive deep into conducting Close Protection of VIPs without any other team members. We have divided the training into various elements, including:

  • Why Solo Protection Practitioner operations are not ideal
  • How to mitigate risk in all operational stages
    • Preliminary work,
    • The advance, and
    • The deployment
  • Strategies for building a business case for more team members

Time to complete: Approximately 90 minutes

Assessment: Final Test

Certificate of Succesful Completion: Yes

Note: This course is intended for individuals with existing fundamental knowledge in Executive Protection or Close Protection. Anyone can take it, but if you find any of the concepts or terminology new to you, you should take the online Close Protection Site Liaison course