Only take what you are willing to lose or have compromised!

Whether you are travelling locally, domestically or internationally you can potentially be a victim of physical or cyber loss. This may take the form of theft, damage, compromise or otherwise.

In my experience, the simplest solutions are the best ones. Therefore, when you leave the perceived safety and security of your local area where you are potentially more aware of the threats and risks, only take with you what you are willing to lose or have compromised. I mean it’s less likely to be stolen, damaged or otherwise ill-affected if it’s locked up at home or at your office, right?

This may be simple advice, but very few people will actually follow it. However, if you examine your belongings and information prior to departure on a trip with this tip in the back of your mind you are likely to make better decisions regarding what you absolutely need. Having that mindset will make it easier to mitigate the risk and reduce the impact should you become a victim of theft, espionage, hacking or simply from accidental damage.

The other bonus is that the less you have to lose the more capable you will be of protecting what you have. If you have one phone for communications, pictures and other data needs you do not need to keep track of multiple devices.

In the end, every time you venture out of a secure area, everything you have on you is more susceptible to loss or compromise.  If it isn’t present it’s less likely to be an issue.

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