Close Protection Funeral Operations


Funeral operations training is critical for executive and close protection professionals as these types of protective missions have some very specific nuances that often come around with very little time to prepare. It’s best to learn from the experience of other professionals before you need the capability.

When working in Executive or Close Protection, you do not always get a significant amount of notice for last-minute events. This can occur even quicker when it comes to the passing away of someone close to the VIP and can be extremely elaborate if it involves another predominant person. The honus are on every protection professional to be as prepared as possible for when a funeral occurs. The time to start thinking about funeral operations should not be when presented with a VIP funeral for the first time.

In this presentation, we cover many of the nuances around attending a regular funeral with a protected VIP. We also talk about funeral events and memorials. This training is highly recommended for anyone in Executive Protection and should be conducted well before you are faced with a funeral or funeral event.

Time to complete: Approximately 2 hours

Assessment: Final Test

Certificate of Succesful Completion: Yes


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