My Experience at the IPSB – 2018 Close Protection Conference

I recently had the opportunity to attend the International Protective Security Board (IPSB), 2018 Close Protection Conference, in Las Vegas, Nevada. I will be honest, I was not certain what to expect as I had never been before. But since I wanted to have the best and most recent information for my clients, as well […]

VIP Close Protection Site Liaison Specialist Course

The VIP Close Protection Site Liaison Specialist course is a relatively new concept created by SpecVIP Protection Group Inc. It is the result of industry requests for better VIP Protection capabilities at a lower cost, with minimal training time and operational impact. This course will enable individuals and organizations to enhance their on site VIP close […]

SPOILER ALERT – Sneak Peek at our VIP Close Protection Site Liaison Specialist Course

At SpecVIP Protection Group we are very passionate about finding unique ways to help better protect people. However, we also understand the challenges many businesses and organizations face when looking for ways to improve their profitability, while minimizing risk. We specifically designed our VIP Close Protection Site Liaison Specialist course for all of those reasons […]

How to Get Started in a Career in VIP Close Protection

There are a lot of people who are very interested in getting into the professional field of Close Protection, Executive Protection or who want to be a Bodyguard. When they go down this path they soon realize that it is not super easy to get started or even find out where to start. In fact, […]

SpecVIP & Frontline Tactical Combined VIP Protection Training

I wanted to take a moment to tell you about a recent opportunity we had with our industry allies and friends over at Frontline Tactical (a division of Frontline Canadian Defence Corp.). You see the folks at Frontline had a request from an overseas client to run a High Risk Close Protection Course. Now, if […]

VIP Close Protection Site Liaison Specialist Course Participant Manual

After recognising a need to further enhance our VIP Close Protection Site Liaison Specialist Course and provide more value to our trainees, I decided to create a participant manual for our students. It was an idea for a while, but a week ago I set forth to see if I could do it in anticipation […]

Know “Why” you do what you do

When we teach any of the topics associated with the vast range of VIP Protection skills, one of the core elements we always include is knowing “why” you are doing what you are doing. If you understand the “why” then you can easily adapt existing skills to any situation. This has similarly been expressed in […]

The Threat of Natural Disasters

Today marks the start of Emergency Preparedness Week where I live. With that in mind I thought I would post about some major threats to our personal safety in the form of Natural Disasters. Natural environmental acts occur on a fairly frequent basis and affect the personal safety of VIPs both at home and abroad, […]

The Threat of Human Induced Violence

We live in a world with some amazing people, doing some amazing things. There is so much good out there it’s often hard to believe how terrible humanity can be. This is especially concerning for those of us in the VIP Protection industry and something that we are constantly thinking of. However, if you are […]

Don’t tell people how good you are, show them.

If you want your bosses and colleagues to see what you are capable of and get ahead in your organization, then stop telling people how good you are and show them. Actions speak louder than words. I see so many people with tremendous potential, but all they do is blah blah blah about how good […]