The Threat of Human Induced Violence

We live in a world with some amazing people, doing some amazing things. There is so much good out there it’s often hard to believe how terrible humanity can be. This is especially concerning for those of us in the VIP Protection industry and something that we are constantly thinking of. However, if you are not exposed to violence on a regular basis it is sometimes hard to imagine the horrible way some humans behave and how truly unbelievable the things they do to others.

If you want to ensure the safety and security of whomever you feel is a VIP then you must be constantly on the look out for those that would do you harm. This does not equate to paranoia, as it is simply a reality of the world we live in. Once you accept that fact then you can be more observant and make cognizant efforts towards protection.

You can’t protect from every possible threat out there, but you also can’t live with your head in the sand. 

Bad people exist.

Good people do not always see how bad, people can be. 

You can do something about it.

This is a start.

Here are some examples if you don’t believe me and want to see how truly outrageous violent humans can be (took about 5 minutes to find these and thousands more). It also serves as some good files to store in your mind on what to look out for. Some are recent and some are a little older. All have valuable lessons that everyone should learn. I won’t tell you that you can protect against every possible threat, but through proper knowledge, training and experience you can live a much safer live than doing nothing and hoping life passes you by without becoming a victim.

Warning: Some people may find these videos graphic or disturbing.

Watch at your own discretion but understand this is real life, all around the world. The mere knowledge of these scenarios can help protect you from an attack of human induced violence. The last two videos we have previously used in training and give a raw glimpse into how seriously disturbed people are and the unprovoked violence they can inflict on someone else.





Threat Awareness is a regular blog post by SpecVIP Protection Group Inc. Awareness of threats is the first step towards protecting yourself and your VIP (How you define VIP is up to you) from the risk posed by these threats. Some of these posts might be obvious or obscure, they also maybe common or rare. Either way you must be aware of them before you can begin to protect against them.

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