Successful Launch of VIP Close Protection Site Liaison Specialist Course


I am happy to announce that this past weekend we successfully completed the launch of our first ever full length VIP Close Protection Site Liaison Specialist Course available to the public. Although we had previously tested it on some select audiences, this weekend was our first iteration of a full length public course available to specific occupational industries.

It was an amazing weekend of training, with some outstanding students from a variety of protection based occupations. Although predominately received by private security managers, we also had participation from local Law Enforcement and Military personnel.

A special thank you to all the students, our hosts at Frontline Tactical and volunteer role players. 

It was so successful we can’t wait to run the next one.

If you want to get on the list to be informed of the next one or would like more information please contact us, we would love to hear from you.

Here are some comments from the participants:

“Knowledgeable and professional instructors”

“Everything from the first step was easy, understandable, professional, with lots of knowledge and experience.”

“Lots of Knowledge”

“I liked everything from the trainers approach to the class, to the practical side and scenarios.  The trainers prepared training perfect for our needs” (Drazen, Security Manager)

Also, if the full length Specialist course is not something you can commit to, we also have versions in both workshop and awareness briefing format.

Here are some photos from this weekends course:


Thanks again to everyone who participated, without you this wouldn’t have been possible. 


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