Threats to VIPs come in Combination

This weeks threat awareness brief was inspired by someone that witnessed a terrible accident on the road recently.

I think we all know the hazards our VIPs face whenever they find themselves in traffic.

We also know that adverse weather in many forms can have a serious impact to our safety.

The unfortunate aspects of both are completely compounded when you put them together. Adverse weather and traffic combined are a serious threat to our VIPs, no matter who you call important. However, being aware of that fact can help you take the necessary steps to protect those you care for.

If you live in an area with common weather trends that affect traffic, like colder climates; you are even more at risk as you may have an unfounded sense of security from years of driving without an incident. This complacency comes from every day you drive collision free in severe weather.

If you travel you may have a different mental protection blockage that comes from a lack of awareness of the threat posed by severe weather (whatever it may be, snow/ice, heavy rain, etc.) and you are equally at risk as the daily commuter who drives with unrealistic expectations of safety.

Let this be a notice to the unaware and a reminder to the over confident.

Slow Down – Watch Where You are Going – Leave Space…

and most importantly keep yourself focused on the task at hand.

Although this post is focused on two examples (traffic and weather), it also applies to many other threats. We do not live in a world were we are only at risk of one danger at a time and when multiple threats present themselves they can easily be compounded like this example. In Law Enforcement this is often referred to as the “One Plus One” principle, which generally applies to weapons and assailants, or both. If one weapon is present there is generally more; if one assailant is present there is generally more. Even if there isn’t more than one, thinking along those lines can help prepare for their eventually appearance, maybe in a another situation at another time.

For you, whenever a threat presents itself always be prepare for more than one and the likely impact will be mitigated even if things get worse. The most dangerous threats are the ones you do not see coming or are not aware of. 

Can you think of some common threats that are likely to appear in combination?

Use the comments section to further the empowerment of this article and help our community with your knowledge. 

Threat Awareness is a regular blog post by SpecVIP Protection Group Inc. Awareness of threats is the first step towards protecting yourself and your VIP (How you define VIP is up to you) from the risk posed by these threats. Some of these posts might be obvious or obscure, they also maybe common or rare. Either way you must be aware of them before you can begin to protect against them.

Photos: Used with permission.

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