How to achieve Close Protection Career Success

When I started my business in 2017, I set forth to help as many people in Close Protection and Executive Protection as possible. Since I have spent the last 25 years paralleling my operational experience with training, I felt running training courses would be the key to helping others achieve their goals as it has been so helpful to my success. Unfortunately, the last few years have taught me, that while most training courses are extremely necessary, they are not the only component to success.

Career Success Research & Support

While operationally focused courses are a critical fundamental to success in Executive Protection and Close Protection, they often lack the time available to address the components for excelling in this industry. Once I realized this I began researching, dissecting and identifying critical elements that have led to my success as well as the success of others.

I also spend a significant amount of time helping people on an individual basis, in both the private sector and the public sector. Sometimes this just involves answering questions or providing guidance. Other times it would involve reviewing resumes and providing feedback. On rare occasions, I would reach out and provide advice to individuals who I noticed making grievous career errors (often with a less than desirable reception).

Back to Training

After all this time watching the successes of others, identifying the factors of my own achievements and noticing so many common struggles, I again go back to my training roots.

Do you remember that research I mentioned earlier? Well, I’ve taken those lessons learned from high-level achievers in the industry and neatly compiled them into a training program designed specifically for individuals who want better results in their Close Protection career endeavours. I’ve taken the answers to the most common questions I receive, as well as the professional advice I’ve provided over several years (oftentimes at substantial billing rates) and put them in a quick and easy format designed for no other reason than to help you.

Keep reading for an insight into the training program and how it might help you. Or take my word for it and click this link to start training now!

Close Protection Career Success Program Content

Here are some of the topics covered in our Close Protection Career Success Program:

  • Close Protection Career Landscape
  • Close Protection Career Success Foundation
  • Pillars of Development & Success
  • Networking for Success in CP
  • Online Activity Best Practices
  • Resume & Cover Letter Considerations
  • Interview Excellence
  • Getting & Keeping CP Work

Close Protection Career Landscape

One of the biggest mistakes I see newer people make is failing to fully identify the sources of potential career opportunities. However, this is not just isolated to new folks, as many people get stuck in a certain sector of close protection. This lesson covers a wide range of career paths within the field of Executive or Close Protection to help individuals identify where they may excel.

Close Protection Career Success Foundation

In this lesson, I take what you learned in the previous lesson and begin to help you isolate your career goals. I then help you by providing a framework for your journey to success based on your current situation. This lesson is probably one of the most valuable as it will empower you to apply the concepts in any direction and then pivot if necessary.

Pillars of Development & Success

In this lesson, I focus on providing more specific foundational elements for success, including the necessary minimum requirements many employers are looking for. I then take it one step further and help you identify areas where you can be more competitive. By the end of the lesson, you’ll be better able to identify where you are at and what you need to do to be successful.

Networking for Success in CP

This topic is one that you cannot miss as it is so important to your success. Many people with less than ideal skills have been able to achieve success through the power of networking. While others with exceptional capability have struggled due to the quality of their network. In this lesson, I will show you how to be very deliberate with your networking efforts so you don’t waste any effort and connect with the right people.

Online Activity Best Practices

There is no mistaking the fact, that the internet and social media are here to stay. I have seen more careers end or stall because of their online actions. Additionally, I have seen some people skyrocket their growth by leveraging the power of their online presence. In this lesson, I will help you identify some of the ways you can use the internet to enhance your career growth potential, while simultaneously limiting the ability to cause damage. This lesson alone could be well worth the investment in this program.

Resume & Cover Letter Considerations

I receive a lot of resumes. In fact, next to social media, it is probably the element I see the most. It bothers me so much to see people with amazing potential, poorly represent themselves in one of the most important first impressions. I used to get so many poor resumes that I would recommend people hire professional resume writing services. Unfortunately, after seeing what the commercial resume writing world has to offer, I stopped giving that advice. Now, I work with people to write quality and effective resumes on their own. Once you are able to do that, you’re likely to get a lot more interviews.

Interview Excellence

Once you have your resume ironed tight, the next step is to excel in an interview. However, doing well in an interview and excelling in an interview to be the one person selected out of hundreds is another thing. In this lesson, I provide multiple insights into how to truly showcase your capability so the interviewer gets the full picture of whether you would be the right fit for the position.

Getting & Keeping CP Work

In this lesson, I start putting it all together. Since there are never any employment guarantees I like to give various strategies for you to hedge your success potential. This lesson also takes you beyond the initial hire and provides strategies for keeping work or transitioning should you need to seek more opportunities.

Bonus Content

In addition to all of the fundamental critical components previously mentioned, I also offer valuable bonus content in many forms. Throughout the program, you will see valuable experience tips, embedded extras and even a full bonus lesson towards the end. Heck, even the introduction and concluding lessons have valuable content included for the sole purpose of helping you succeed in this amazing industry.


Achieving success in Close Protection and Executive protection can be extremely difficult. I have spent my entire adult life learning lessons in growth and professional accomplishment. More often than not I have learned the hard way, through trial, error, failure and eventual success. This has been my journey and I by no means regret it. However, this program is a compilation of the most fundamental advice I have learned personally or through my vast network of truly accomplished professionals. Many of whom have far exceeded my successes and continue to motivate, inspire and educate me.

The question is, do you want to take 25 years or more to learn these lessons or do you want to make a small investment today that may take your entire Executive Protection or Close Protection career to the next level? Even if you only learn one thing, but it has an immense impact or outcome, then it was worth it. But trust me, there is so much in this program I’ll be very surprised if that’s all you take away.

Enrol in the online Close Protection Career Success program at this link now! It is completely self-paced. As soon as you signup you can begin learning and taking steps towards achieving your career success goals. But it only works if you take action. Start Training.

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